Performance Training

If you have witnessed the progression of the average tour player’s physique over the years, you have noticed a common theme: those players are in shape!  Players like Tiger Woods and Natalie Gulbis provide evidence that strength and fitness training is at the core of their golf regimen.

The PIT’s Training Facility has been designed for golf specific training.  Our focus is golf first.

The PIT’s training philosophy is centered on principles of functionality; balance, stability, strong core musculature, conditioning, and flexibility.  These are the keys to making your body athletic. The more athletic you become, the better chance you have of reaching your athletic potential.  In golf, form follows function.  This is a core principle at PIT Fitness.

Fitness Evaluation

Allow our TPI Certified instructors to take you through a battery of tests that will exploit your body’s weaknesses in the golf swing.  Everyone’s golf swing is different.  Everyone’s body is different.  Our experienced instructors know how the body works; the reason you sway, the reason you dig 2″ deep divots, the reasons your shoulders hurt, the reason your back is stiff, the reason you do not hit the ball as far as you used to, etc.  Focusing on balance, coordination, timing, strength, flexibility, and feedback from our Golf Professionals, we will show you specifically the areas that you can work on to improve your golf swing.  The staff will then demonstrate the exercises needed to put your body in rhythm for the best golf swing that works for your body.  You will then have the choice to either work one-on-one with our trainers over a variety of session options, or choose to work on your specific golf workout, tailored to your specific swing, on your own.

The Golf PIT's "Golf Specific" Fitness Center

The Golf PIT’s “Golf Specific” Fitness Center