Mental Coaching

The focus of mental coaching is the development and implementation of strategies to reach client-identified goals of enhanced performance and personal satisfaction. Relying on the most up-to-date research findings as well as coping techniques used by athletes world-wide, our Sports Psychologist will offer coaching in both individual and group settings.

About Ruth Ann Tetz, Ph. D.

Our Sports Psychologist, Ruth Ann Tetz, Ph.D. has been a licensed Clinical Psychologist in the State of Ohio since 1988. She graduated from the University of Toledo with her doctorate and in the early 1990’s began to re-specialize as a Sports Psychologist. She has coached a variety of athletes in all age groups, sports and levels (weekend warrior, amateur, professional) using cognitive behavioral, strategies, and other modalities, and enjoys helping each one work toward their desired goals. As a mental coach she will work toward a mutually agreed upon agenda.  Although this is not a psychotherapeutic relationship, confidentiality regarding who is being seen and what is being discussed will be maintained in almost all circumstances. Some sessions will be conducted in group format. All students/clients will sign an agreement where each will commit to maintaining the confidentiality of all information communicated by other coaching clients.  This will allow all to comfortably get their questions answered and receive support from each other in a safe and fun environment.

Dr. Tetz enjoys coaching and attempts to make all contacts lively and informative. While competition can be stressful, a prepared athlete:

  • is better able to enjoy the experience,
  • is more “in the moment” (leaving behind any poor shots),
  • actively problem solves their current situation,
  • leaves the course with a better understanding of what it takes to be successful in the future.


Individual coaching or tele-coaching will be available and designed jointly with the client. The fee for the initial assessment is $225 and once a plan is agreed upon, coaching sessions will be charged at the rate of $145 per session (50 minutes). Professional time spent outside of sessions will be billed on a prorated basis rounded up to the nearest tenth of an hour. All time spent traveling on the clients behalf will be billed at the same rate.

All fees must be paid in advance by check by the first day of the month in which they are received unless alternative arrangements are made. Services not paid for in advance will not be provided. Any services not cancelled 24 hours in advance will be charged ($75 for the first occurrence, any additional will be charged at the full rate.)

Group Sessions are available and the fee is included in many of our camps and clinics.  If you would like to attend a group (topics will be announced on our webpage in advance) and there is an opening, reservations with payment will be available by stopping by The Golf PIT. The price to attend a group setting will be $15 per person, refreshments and snacks included.

How to Schedule

Anyone being seen for Sports Psychology services (individual or group) will need to first obtain and fill out the SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY/SKILLS ENHANCEMENT CONTRACT. They are available at The Golf PIT or by calling Psychological Directions at 419.867.0301 and leaving a message with the answering service. Ruth Ann Tetz, Ph.D. will return your call at her earliest opportunity. Once the forms are returned along with payment for the assessment, an appointment will be made.

Dr. Tetz does not use email to communicate with clients, she prefers a more personal approach. She is generally available for a consult within 24 hours when needed. Dr. Tetz’s 24/7 answering service, which you may reach at 419.867.0301, will take your message.

Group Meeting Topics

  • Dealing with competitive pressure.
  • Goals and expectations.
  • Best teacher is a bad round of golf.
  • Dealing with difficult playing conditions.

Held twice a month on Saturday.

Time to be announced.