Club Repair

At The Golf PIT our Club Repair Specialists will be able to provide you with a “tour quality” experience as it relates to preparing your clubs so they perform to your needs.  We will utilize cutting edge technologies and the “hands-on” experience of our Professional Staff.

Our Club Repair Department is lead by John Hudak, a PCS Class “A” Clubmaker that has been in the club repair business for over 18 years.  John is a retired mathematics teacher and former head of the Math Department at Sylvania Southview High School.  During his teaching career John taught over 30 years at the high school and college levels.  The precise mathematical nature of golf clubs, and love for the game, is what originally drew John to the golf club repair business over 18 years ago.  He has achieved “The Golf Club-Makers Association” Accredited, Advanced and Professional Certifications, along with the status of Class “A” Clubmaker from the “Professional Clubmakers Society.”

For the past 10 years John has been performing advanced club repair for some of the area’s top amateurs and professionals as the Head Clubmaker at Inverness Club.

Assisting John in the Club Repair Department will be our staff of PGA Professionals.  All professionals have been through rigorous training by the PGA of America in all facets of club repair.

Please call The Golf PIT at (419) 897-9826 to speak with a Club Repair Specialist, or bring your clubs in, and we will be happy to evaluate your club repair needs.



Club Repair Pricing Guide (ESTIMATES)

Regrip (does NOT include the cost of the grip) $3/club $30/set
Save grip (if it can be saved) $4
Reshaft (standard – does NOT include the cost of the shaft) $25
Reshaft (bore-thru – does NOT include the cost of the shaft) $35
Removal of broken shaft at hosel $10
Removal of broken shaft 4″ or more above hosel $6
Shorten club length $4
Extend club length (includes extension) $7
Loft and/or lie adjustment $5/club $30/set
Repair shaft rattle $10
Repair loose head (may be an additional charge for a new ferrule) $10
Re-epoxy shaft in head (may be an additional charge for a new ferrule) $10
Club analysis and recommendation (includes individual length and lie readings, swing weight and frequency analysis) $5/club $40/set
Additional services available PLEASE INQUIRE.
Prices listed are ESTIMATES! 


In stock grips include: Golf Pride, Winn and Lamkin.  We can also special order any type of grip!

We keep a wide variety of True Temper steel shafts IN STOCK.  Additionally, we can order shafts from Diamana, Miyazaki, Aldila, UST, Grafalloy, and many others!

  • Shipping will be added to the cost of any special order shaft or grip.
  • Please allow up to four days for reshafting, although many times the clubs can be ready sooner.

** Pricing is subject to change.**