Lesson Programs

Providing our students and customers with the highest level of golf instruction is critical to players achieving their potential.  At The Golf PIT our PGA Instructors will be able to provide you with a “tour quality” experience as it relates to instruction

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Individual Lessons

Justin T. Bronkema, PGA $40 per
Head Golf Professional 1/2 hour

Group Lessons

For couples or groups wishing to take private lessons, an additional charge of only $10 per student applies.  This is a great way to organize lessons with friends who wish to take up the game together.  This guarantees the class size will be only as large as the group you assemble.

Ladies Clinics

Our Ladies Clinics will cover the fundamentals of the game for 90 minutes.  There will be five sessions in each clinic series.  The cost for each clinic will be $30 per person.  The clinics will maintain a minimum of 4:1 Teacher/Student ratio.  All clinics must have a minimum of 4 students.

Junior Program

The Instructors at The Golf PIT love to grow the game of golf.  We will have junior golf programs for kids of all skill levels.  The junior program will include:

  • “Clubs for Kids” clinics
  • Summer Junior Camps
  • Supervised Junior Practice
  • Individual Junior Lessons

TrackMan Combine

The TrackMan II Combine is a standardized test that enables you to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your game.  You will discover the clear correlation between your TrackMan II statistics and your successes on the golf course.

The TrackMan Combine consists of 60 shots hit to selected distances.  Players hit six shots to nine different targets 60-180 yards plus six drives.  Your results can then be accessed from www.mytrackman.com and your scores can be compared with PGA and LPGA Professionals, College Players (male or female), or your peers by handicap, gender, age or region.

Students can take the Combine course as often as desired to continually benchmark their improvement.

The cost of taking the TrackMan II Combine is $100.